Harns Marsh Middle School Standardized UNIFORM Code

Harns Marsh Middle School is a uniform school.  It is the desire of the staff to create a positive, safe, and healthy environment focusing on academic achievement.  Dress and grooming are the responsibility of the parent and student.  Violations of the uniform code will result in disciplinary action utilizing the District Code of Conduct.

TOPS (male and female)

  • 2 to 3 button short or long sleeved polo shirts-SOLID  in  ANY color.  Logos are to be no larger than the size of a quarter

  • Shirts must be tucked in completely

  • Shirts must be buttoned except for the top button

  • T-Shirts (long or short sleeved) may be worn under the polo shirt and must be white

BOTTOMS (male and female)

  • Navy or khaki/tan uniform long pants, shorts, skirts, and capris  

  • Must be worn at the waist above the hip/pelvic bone

  • Must be the correct size

  • Long pants should not be tucked in shoes or socks. Rubber bands should not be used to keep pants tucked in

  • All pants, skirts, and shorts, must have belt loops; length of skirts and shorts must be at or below the knee in the standing position

  • All one colored attire is not permitted, shirt color must differ from pant color

  • Belt must be plain, solid color, and unadorned

  • Oversized buckles are permitted, but they may not display names, logos, flags, or other emblems

    • Not permitted - Jeans, denims of any color, cargo shorts/pants, JOGGERS, carpenter pants, low rise bottoms, hip hugger bottoms, clothing that drags on the ground, torn clothing, extra zippers, extra pockets, ties and/or shoe strings, non-functional buttons, ornamental stitching, lycra, spandex, stretch fabrics, corduroy, ribbons, ruffles, bows, slits on pant legs, and tied waist bands

SHOES (male and female)

  • Closed toe and heel tennis shoes, sneakers, loafers, or topsiders

  • No sandals, flip-flops, crocs or slides

  • Shoes must be worn at all times and secured properly

  • Socks are solid in color, plain, and worn at the ankle

 HAIR (male and female)

  • Hair coloring or hairstyles that are considered to be distracting are prohibited

  • Natural colors

  • No spiked hair or Mohawks

  • Make up should be natural, no distracting colors

JEWELRY (male and female)

  • Jewelry that is spiked or considered to be too big or dangerous by the administration is not allowed

  • Any necklace should be worn under the shirt

  • No chokers, dog collars or spikes, no chain wallets

  • One bracelet per wrist


  • Solid color only, no prints or logos

  • Opening may be zipper or buttons

  • May NOT be oversized

  • Hooded jackets are permitted but the hood is not to be worn

  • Pullovers are forbidden

  • Jackets or sweaters worn in school must be worn unzipped or unbuttoned


  • Any item or apparel, including book bags and notebooks, that promote the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or any other illegal activity are prohibited

  • Apparel or symbols that may be gang-related may not be displayed on a student’s person or any items the person is carrying, such as book bags, book covers, notebooks, etc.

  • Piercings: piercing of tongues or exposed body parts, other than ears is prohibited.  Band aids and spacers to cover piercings are prohibited

  • No visible tattoos

  • No pen ink to simulate tattoos or fake tattoos

  • Hats, caps, headgear, sunglasses, or fake glasses, except in conjunction with athletic practices or activities is prohibited

  • Sweatbands or bandanas may not be worn at any time

  • Students must be in uniform code compliance at all times while on campus.  This includes walking to the bus ramp, parent pick-up and after school activities (clubs, detentions, tutoring)

  • Gym clothes may be worn only during P.E. class and during authorized athletic events

Any questions about the suitability or appropriateness of dress code will be decided by the administration.