Linda Maere Principal Email
Dana Berry Assistant Principal Email
Alex Dworzanski        Assistant Principal Email
Janel Stoughton School Counselor (M-Z) Email
Kylie Liddle School Counselor (A-L)                                Email

Office Staff

Rosita Clark Information Specialist Email
Lissette Crespo Clinic Assistant Email
Grettel DeLeon Clerk Typist Email
Geraldine Herrera                         Secretary to the Principal Email
Jenny Johnson                                           Parent Involvement Specialist                                      Email
Deanna LeGrand Clerk Typist Email
Frances Natoli Clerk Typist Email
Jeanette Vega Social Worker Email
Ambar Villafuerte Bookkeeper Email
Melissa Wallace Nurse Email
Helen Yearton Staffing Specialist Email

Classroom Teachers

Nuria Acuna Teacher - Reading Email
Stacey Anderson Teacher - Math Email
Sarah Azzam Teacher - Social Studies Email
Renita Bailey Teacher - Math Email
Aimee Bell Teacher - Reading Email
Nelta Bernagene Teacher - Language Arts                                                 Email
Kirston Bero Teacher - Art Email
Christin Carson Teacher - Science Email
Aaron Condor Teacher - Math Email
Mina Daegling Teacher - Reading Email
Nichole Daniels Teacher - Math Email
Allison Delude Teacher - Language Arts Email
Rachel DeMayo Teacher - Theater & Dance Email
Michael Dimoff Teacher - Math Email
Kaisha Dunne Teacher - Social Studies Email
Janna Finkley Teacher - Science Email
Lori Flury Teacher - Home Economics Email
Sara Goldstein Teacher - AVID  Email
Stephanie Healy Teacher - Language Arts Email
Jennifer Hitchcock Teacher - Reading Email
Amanda Innarelli Teacher - ESE Email
Rhonda King Teacher - Reading Email
Sara Kizzire Teacher - Science Email
Allison Knaust Teacher - Science Email
Genevieve Koens Teacher - Math Email
Brittany LaForge Teacher - ESE Email
Mitchell Lampitt Teacher - Physical Education Email
Jessica Lanza Teacher - Reading Email
Kathryn LaValla Teacher - Technology Email
Ngo Le Teacher - Language Arts Email
Kelly "Mandy" Leidig Teacher - Reading Email
Gregory Lennox Teacher - Math Email
Christopher Lightfoot MTSS Specialist Email
Caitlin Long Teacher - Social Studies Email
Vanessa Lynch Teacher - Language Arts Email
Malcolm McCollum Teacher - Math Email
Steven McGinley Teacher - Social Studies Email
Loren McManamon Teacher - ESE Email
Gayla Moore Teacher - Language Arts Email
Mike Natoli Alternative Suspension Instructor Email
Dr. Rosemary O'Brien                              Teacher Email
Diane Oates Teacher - Math Email
Carol Olson Speech Language Pathologist Email
Lauren Paxson Teacher - Math Email
Katharine Pelter Teacher - Language Arts Email
William Porter Teacher - Language Arts Email
Joshua Poteet Long-Term Substitute Teacher - Language Arts Email
Dirrick Roberts Teacher - Reading Email
Wilmaris Rodriguez Teacher - Technology & Research Email
Lena Rose Teacher - Language Arts Email
Dr. Lisa Ross Teacher - Reading (Reading Coach) Email
Quinetta Ryal Teacher - Science Email
Icelsa Sanchez Teacher - Reading Email
Jenny Santiago Teacher - Math Email
Clifford Sheehan Teacher - Social Studies (Civics) Email
Kathryn Sheehan Teacher - Physical Education Email
Caren Simpson Teacher - Math Email
Charles Smutko Teacher - Reading Email
Megan Stanley Long-Term Substitute Teacher - Reading Email
Courtney Thomas Teacher - Business Ed. Email
Christopher Tricase Teacher - Social Studies (Civics) Email
Missy Turbeville Teacher - ELA Email
Nichole Tyler Teacher - ESE Email
Andrew Varga Teacher - Research Email
Shannon Verdun Teacher - Language Arts Email
Jennifer Voellinger Teacher - Math Email
Laura Voellinger Teacher - ESE Email
Donna Wilson Teacher - Band & Chorus Email
Jacqueline Zacatelco Teacher - Science Email

Paraprofessionals and Support Staff

Steve Brott Security Specialist Email
Kenia Bueno Paraprofessional Email
Jaime Cortez                               Security Specialist Email
Edwidge Claimon Paraprofessional Email
Clarence Finnie Jr. Security Specialist Email
Trisha Fry Paraprofessional Email
Drayontae Fuller Paraprofessional Email
Ashley Giordano Paraprofessional Email
Richard Moses Paraprofessional Email
Keren Nunez Paraprofessional Email
Yamilys Obregon Paraprofessional Email
Dianne Persad Paraprofessional Email
Jordan Swanson Technology Support Specialist                                   Email
Sharon Tatum Paraprofessional Email
Regina Tysinger Paraprofessional Email
Colleen Wilkes Paraprofessional - Media Email

Cafeteria Staff

Bessie Anderson Food Service Worker Email
Barbara Boyd Food Service Worker Email
Yesenia Castrejon Food Service Worker Email
Iesha Florence Food Service Worker Email
Maria Gomez Food Service Worker Email
Michelle Gonzalez Food Service Worker Email
Laura Harris Cafeteria Manager Email
Tamara Liscum-Arlequin                                     Food Service Worker Email
Ruth McFann Food Service Worker Email
Donna Prestia Food Service Worker Email

Building and Custodial Staff

Harrison Auguste Custodian Email
Deyrick Diaz Custodian Email
Olga Hernandez Custodian Email
Jorge Alfonso Mena Custodian Email
Milagros Rodriguez Custodian Email
Adam Skocik Building Supervisor Email
Maxworth Walker Custodian Email