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     HMMS Chromebook expectations (1).jpg                                                                                                          

  1. Begin with the end in mind by knowing your objective before you start working.

  2. Always follow proper handling:

    1. Place securely on working space.

    2. No touching the screen.

  3. Carry Chromebook with 2 hands at all times.

  4. Outside the classroom they must be in sleeve.

  5. Laptops must be fully charged prior to the start of the school day. Students must receive
    permission before
    plugging in during class from their teacher.

  6. Comments must be school appropriate.

  7. Be respectful when a teacher is talking.

  8. Manage your own files.

  9. No food or drink near your Chromebook.

  10. Surf safely and responsibly by becoming a Digital Citizen!

  11. Chromebooks are permanently disabled remotely and become useless if stolen.

  12. Report any damage or theft to your chromebook or charger immediately to your teacher.  If this occurs at home, report it to your first block teacher.

  13. Teachers, if a student has a damaged or inoperable Chromebook, they are to be sent with a pass to the Media Center.  Mrs. Wilkes will handle the matter and send students back to class promptly with a functional Chromebook.  

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