The Counseling Department works closely with parents to have you all "on board" with your students academic success.

 If you feel that your student needs an extra boost we are here to help.


 Step 1:

Establishing a line of communication between teacher and parent/guardian via phone or e-mail.

For ex: Contact your student's teacher(s) via phone or e-mail to communicate your concerns and find out theirs. Being on the same page might be all you need to clear up an issue in your student's progress.

Step 2:

If problems persist AFTER step 1:

 Meeting with parent/guardian, student, and counselor.

This meeting is where we can sit down and address issues face to face with feedback from your student's teachers and come up with a game plan for success.

Step 3:

If problems persist AFTER step 2:

Full parent conference with all teachers, counselor, and an admin present.

we will schedule a student led conference to dig in and see where the issues may lie.