School Counselors

                 First,  we would like to thank you for being the transportation providers, the cooks, the homework helpers, the hygiene police, and occasionally the money tree, A.K.A. - parents  for your children. As the counselor we are not only here for the students, but for you guys as well. If you ever have any type of issue at home that you need some direction or assistance on please give us a call. We also have an extensive list of community resources to help in almost any situation. Our most important job here is to help remove any obstacles that may get in the way of any student's academic success: Personal, Social, Emotional, Academic Issues, etc..

        The way we do that in the counseling department is by mentoring and getting students involved in "Leader in Me" groups. We hope that these activities will alleviate some of the stressors that our students face.

Your Guidance Counselors,

Julie Browning

Michael Garrett, Ph.D.





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