The Leader in STEM Education

STEM Mission Statement:

To be confident, reflective, responsible, innovative, and engaged learners-equipped for success in the fast-changing modern world.


The Harns Marsh Middle School STEM program is a Pre-AICE program in which students are challenged in all areas of study. Students in the STEM program are prepared for entrance into high school AICE, IB and advanced placement courses. Projects that STEM students participate in include;
    • Robotics 
    • Forensic science
    • Telegraph construction
    • Surgical Technology
    • Literature circles & book blogs
    • Aeronautics & rockets
    • Tetrahedral kites
    • Computer animation
    • Physics projects
    • Environmental  Education

        Home   PLTW Gateway is divided into independent, nine-week units, assuming a 60-minute class period. PLTW Gateway is designed to be taught in conjunction with a rigorous academic curriculum. Schools that offer the program implement both foundation units and may add any combination of the specialization units.