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In the spring of each year, participants of our Jr. YIG program may attend the Junior Assembly. Assembly delegates take on the role of state Senators or Representatives as they guide their own ideas (in the form of legislation) through the YIG’s model legislative process.

While staying in villas, delegates will work with High School Mentors, Adult and Graduate Advisors, and Y-Staff on concepts varying from public speaking to civic responsibility. 

Coupled with a healthy dose of leadership development and the core values (caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility), the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday experience provides these delegates with a glimpse of what awaits them in high school.

At past Jr. Assemblies, delegates from various chapters proposed bills on the following:

  • Gun Safety Education in Florida
  • Rehabilitation Housing in Florida for Homeless Veterans
  • Mandatory Automobile Inspections
  • Landfill Regulations in Florida
  • BMI Index Reported on School Report Cards
  • Punishments for Sexual Offenders 
  • Offshore Drilling Subsidies 
  • Motorcycle Helmets

 Our YIG Chapter: We meet on Thursdays

What we will be been working on:

  • How to make an arguement (in a positive way)
  • How to make a decission
  • How to write a bill
  • How to word a bill
  • How to convince people that your bill is worth while (because your amazing and you have work very hard on it)
  • How to work with others
  • How to present yourself in a professional way
  • Why we prupose bills


The students and advisors have been meeting each Thursday after school to come up with some great ideas and bills. Now it's time to go show them off!

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