Art Class Selections:

  • Art in World Cultures (semester)
    • Students explore art from around the world through project-based activities. Students compare various cultural responses in art to universal themes, gaining respect for diverse perspectives and the rich heritage shared by cultures from around the world. This course incorporates hands-on activities and consumption of art materials.
  • 2-D Art (semester)
    • Students investigate a wide range of media and techniques by creating two-dimensional works, which may include drawing, painting, printmaking, and/or collage. Student artists reflect on their own artwork and that of others through critical analysis to achieve artistic goals related to craftsmanship, technique, and application of 21st-century skills.
  • 2-D Studio Art (year long)
    • In this advanced art class, students will further their artistic skills through various forms of media. Students work to improve their creative techniques through critical analysis and artistic discipline.


Theatre Class Selections:

  • Basic Theatre (semester)
    • Students are introduced to the fundamentals of theatre and focus on 5 main units including imagination, pantomime, voice, movement, and acting. Students will explore effective speaking skills using articulation, projection, and breathing. Students practice writing for the theatre and explore various theatre roles and functions.
  • Theatre 2 (year long)
    • Students further develop their dramatic skills through voice, movement, and acting. Students also learn technical aspects of theatre including lights, sound, costume, set, makeup and stage management. Students begin to use the basic elements of theatre design through practical application and projects.
  • Theatre 3 (year long)
    • Students in this class work to further discipline their acting skills and begin to take on the role of a director. Students continue to build skills and knowledge as they explore aspects of theatre. Students work in independent pieces as well as scene work. This advanced class works together to put on a main stage production at the end of the year. Not only do students in this class perform as actors, they also run the entire show themselves. They create the costume pieces, operate the sound board, and run the light board during the entire show.


Chorus Class Selections:

  • Chorus 1 (semester)
    • This course is designed for the student who wants to explore their vocal talents. Beginning Chorus students spend the year learning to read music, learning how their voice works, and learning to sing together with others in unison and in harmony. Beginning Chorus students perform in two concerts per year. No prior experience is necessary.
  • Chorus 2 (year)
    • Our Concert Choir is our premier vocal group for 7th-8th grade students. This is a year-long course that allows students to further explore different styles of musical expression, and continue to work on correct vocal technique and performance. Concert Choir students perform in two major concerts per year, plus District MPA competition, Sounds of the Season (a District televised production), singing the national anthem at Miracles ballgames, and other performance opportunities. Students must have previous choral experience or audition with the director.

Band Class Selections:

  • Band 1 (year)
    • Beginning Band is a full year course that introduces students to the joys of learning to play a musical instrument. Beginning band students learn about the different families of instruments and choose one to learn to play. They spend the year learning the fundamentals of music notation, how to play their instrument, and learning to work together as a team. The Beginning Band students perform in two concerts per year. While the school owns some instruments, students may be required to rent an instrument from a music store in order to participate.
  • Band 2 (year)
    • Concert Band is a yearlong course open to those students who have already completed a year of Beginning Band. These students continue their studies, becoming more proficient on their instruments and learning more challenging music. Concert band students perform in two major concerts each year, plus additional field trips to play other venues. At least once a year, we are invited to play the national anthem for the Miracles baseball team. This is always a fun family outing.

Guitar Class Selections:

  • Intro to Guitar (semester)
    • This introductory class course is designed for the very beginning guitar student. Students learn about the guitar, how to read guitar music, and to play both guitar rhythmic and melodic styles. Students do not need to own a guitar to participate in this course.

Music Events Throughout the Year

  • All County Band ? All County Chorus
  • District Solo & Ensemble
  • MPA's for Band & Chorus
  • Playing the National Anthem for District Marching Band Assessment
  • Singing and playing the National Anthem for the Miracles games
  • Sounds of the Season video taping
  • Performing for the school board meetings

HMMS Arts Programs Open House Presentation.pdf (1.7 MBs)

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